Missing Channels? Re-Scan your TV
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Dear Point Reyes/Inverness/Dillon Beach TV Customers,
Horizon will be making some modifications to the TV channel line-up on April 16, 2018.  The channels affected will be KTVU 2 SD, KNTV 11 SD, KRON 4 SD, KPIX 5 SD, KGO 7 SD, KQED 9 SD, and KBCW.  The high-definition versions of these channels will not be affected.  We will be making these changes in the morning of the 16th.  You should plan on re-scanning your TV in the afternoon of the 16th. 
Customers that have a Horizon cable box or Tivo can disregard this notice.  Changes made will automatically be done on the box.
If you do NOT have a digital box or Tivo, but have a modern flat screen Digital TV:
You will need to re-scan your TV.   Whenever there is a change to your TV channels, you need to reprogram(re-scan) your TV so it can find the new changed line up.  Re-scanning your TV is a straight forward process which can be accomplished with a few pushed buttons on your TV remote control.  Refer to your TV owner's manual for instructions (each TV is slightly different).  We have also added links to various support pages on how to re-scan a TV below.

If you would rather have a technician come help, please contact our office to schedule an appointment to have a technician come to your house to program your TV for you.  A $35.00 service fee will apply. 

Thank you,

Horizon Cable TV
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Links to common Manufacturers:
For more detailed instructions on how to re-scan your TV, please consult you TV Owner's Manual. For your convenience, Horizon has provided basic instructions to some popular manufacturers below.