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Horizon Cable gives you the choices you want.
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* TV on all your outlets for one low price.
* No antennas or dishes cluttering your  home.
* No long term contracts or equipment to buy or
* Choose if you want a box or not.
* Local Service; Local Support!
* The best Programming cable has to offer.
TV Entertainment
Basic .
Wtih Basic cable from Horizon, you get all your favorite local broadcast channels and many top cable channels.  Now get Free local broadcast HD too!  Subscription to Basic cable requires no set-top box and is viewable on all outlets in your home for one low price.
Digital Basic.
Digital Choice is the easiest way to move into Digital TV.  Add digital clear pictures, digital music and a user friendly interactive guide to help navigate through the many channel options.
* Dozens of additional channels.
* 37 Digital Music channels.
* Interactive Program Guide.
* Parental Control
* Pay-Per-View.
Digital Plus.
Still looking for a few more channels?  Digital Choice Plus brings you even more.  More college sports, Speed Channel, Sundance and a whole lot more.
Start enjoying dozens of HD channls now.  Choose your area for details.
TiVo DVRs are now available through Horizon.  With a Horizon TiVo HD DVR you can schedule recordings from the web, set up TiVo KidZone, access thousands of TV and movie titles on demand, and even watch YouTubetm  with your Horizon Cable Broadband connection.  Click here for more info or visit
We provide the equipment; nothing for you to purchase!
HD and DVRs
Package any digital service with HD or an HD DVR and get the best in TV entertainment.  Choose your location above for more details. 
Do you like movies or original series?  Well, we have you covered! 
9 channels of HBO
6 channel of Cinemax
14 channels of Showtime/TMC
17 channels of STARZ
Say good bye to late fees!
See what is on!