Frenquently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q.  Do I need a box to get cable?
       A.  Yes. Starting May 2022,  all TV's will require 
             a set top box to receive cable channels.
Q.  Do I need Digital Cable to get a DVR?
       A.  Yes, DVR service is only available with digital service.
Q.  How do you pause live TV?
      A.  By using a DVR. The DVR is constantly recording the current 
            channel that you are watching.   This enables the viewer to then
            pause, fast forward or play back live TV.
Q.  What is a cable card? 
      A.  A cable card is a security device that allow customers to use 
            TVs or other devices to receive programming from cable
            companies without a set top box.
Q.  Can I get On Demand?
       A.  Horizon utilizes watchTVeverywhere.  WatchTVeverywhere is a service
             to view many programs that you subscribe to on your cable package.
             View them on your smart phone or laptop, almost anywhere. 
             Watch the video on the home page for more information.
Q.  I'm building a new home.  What size conduit should I use for my
      cable TV service?
      A.  If the distance from the utility pole to your house is less than
           100 feet, a 1" conduit is the minimum diameter.  If the distance is
            over 100' we require a 2" conduit.
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