New Set top Box requirement

Dear Valued Video Customer,


Many changes have impacted cable video services over the past several years; from streaming services to government reclaiming of satellite frequencies used for the delivery of cable TV signals.  While these changes have increased challenges, we still believe that local cable television service is a valuable asset to the community and we are committed to sustaining this technology. As we take steps to modernize the delivery of our video signals, it also means that we need to make some changes.


Beginning May 2, 2022, Video customers living in the Point Reyes area will need all TVs to be connected to a digital cable converter box.  Stinson Beach customer will need a box starting June 1, 2022.  There are several options available; all receive a digital signal and convert/unencrypt it to a usable format that connects to your TV via an HDMI cable. 


Any TVs currently receiving our Basic Cable package with a direct coax cable connection and no converter box, will need to get a box prior to 5/2/22 to avoid loss of channels or 6/1/22 for Stinson customers.  Horizon will provide one (1) DTA box per video customer for free.  Additional boxes are available at the prices outlined below. The 1st HD Converter or DVR is also included at no additional charge in all Standard & Extreme video/Internet bundles.


If you already have Horizon converter boxes installed, nothing further is needed unless you have additional TVs that are connected with a direct connection.


  • Digital Adapter (DTA) - $1.95/mo
  • HD Digital Box (Interactive Guide/Dolby Digital Optical Audio)- $6.95/mo
  • HD Digital DVR (Pause, Rewind & Record Live TV) - $9.95/mo

Contact our office today to make arrangements for your equipment.  You can request to have your boxes dropped at you service address or available for pick-up at our office (520 Mesa Rd) in Point Reyes.  We will do everything we can to make the process as convenient as possible.


Feel free to click on the set top box link above to learn about these devices. 

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