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You have heard the name for years.  Now get what some consider to be the best DVR on the market from Horizon Cable. 
The new Tivo Premiere DVR incorporates a Motorola Mcard which allows seamless integration of Horizon's digital channels including all HD programming into the TiVo DVR.  With your TiVo DVR you can pause, rewind and fast forward live TV.  With the integrated dual tuner, you can watch and record two shows at once.  You can even schedule recordings from the web. 
To get the most out of the DVR, you will want to connect it to  your High Speed Cable Modem service from Horizon Cable.  When you connect your DVR to your home network, it becomes a digital home entertainment center, with access to even more features.  You can watch slideshows of your digital photos on your big screen TV, listen to playlists of your favorite music files on your stereo system, even transfer recorded programs to your PC and convert them watch on your portable media player.  What's more, you get access to thousands of movies, millions of songs, exclusive web videos (including YouTube TM !), as well as access to home network applications that may be running on your home network or on the Internet. 
If you already own an older Tivo DVR, you may want to upgrade it to the new Premiere and get digital cable from Horizon.  No equipment to buy. 
For pricing, look for the TiVo package in Video Packages after you
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TiVo Network adapter. Instock for $59.95.
Tivo Premiere Dual Tuner HD DVR.