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* Special offer may end at any time and is limited to residential customers in Horizon's service area subscribing to the 40 Meg plan.  After promotional period has expired, Horizon's regular rates apply.
**  All speeds are up to maximum.
***Data Allotment:  Each internet service package comes with a generous allotment of data unrestricted by content make up.  This allows Horizon to keep our prices low for the vast majority of our customers and allows large data users the ability to purchase additional data blocks at reasonable prices.  If you are a heavy user and find that you need additional Data Allotments, consider moving to a higher speed which has a larger Data Allotment.  You can also purchase additional Data Allotments in advance for 50 cents per Gigabyte for a block of 100 Gigs or 75 cents per Gigabyte for a block of 25 Gigs.  Users exceeding the Allotment will be billed at $1.00 per Gigabyte if not purchased prior to the end of the next billing cycle.
For additional information please click on the Internet FAQs above.
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Cisco residential routers available for sale in our office. 
Horizon Cable internet leaves DSL and other services in the dust! 
Horizon Cable is happy to anounce the doubling of speeds on many of our previous packages.  We would like to thank our customers in helping us make this the BEST service in our community!
Tell your DSL friends they don't have to trudge through the internet at such slow speeds anymore.  Get moving with Horizon.  Call today!
Internet FAQs
Move into the fast lane with Horizon Internet!
No long term contracts or big company cheap tricks. 
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New FASTER Speeds ! 
Now up to 75Mbps!**
Up to 10Mbps
Data Allotment:
500 GB***
Extremely fast!
$69.95/mo. for
6 months!*
Up to 30
Now 40Mbps!**
Up to 4Mbps
Data Allotment:
Multiple users/Families.