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Internet FAQs
Q. How much is 1 Giga Byte?
 A.  One Giga Byte of data is equal to 1,024 Mega Bytes or 1,048,576 Kilo Bytes or 1,073,741,824 Bytes
Q. What can I do with 1 Giga Byte (GB)?
A. Below is a small table that gives a general idea of of approximate size and bandwidth
usage of some common internet traffic. Note: This is just for 1 GB.  The Gold plan
has 75GB of Data Provision.
   Activity                                                    Approx. Size                             Approx. Use
     E-mail                                                    .035 MB                             29,257 emails 
     E-mail/w attachment (word,excel)      .2 MB                                    5,120 emails
     Web Pages                                          .3 MB                                    3,413 viewed pages
     Digital Photos                                       1 MB                                    1,024 sent/recieved
     Youtube Video (1 Min)                        .9 MB                                       353 videos
     MP3 Download                                     4 MB                                      256 downloads
     Online Gaming (1 hour)                      30 MB                                       34 games
     Stream SD movie                             700 MB                                      1.5 movies
Q. Why is there a Data Allotment?   
A.  The Data Allotment is being used to fairly distribute the cost of bandwidth, that the community consumes in a month to all customers evenly.  A small fraction of customers consume the majority of bandwidth per month.  This leaves the bulk of the customers subsidizing the few who over consume each month to pay the cost of the total bandwidth.  By installing the Data Allotment, customers that use little bandwidth per month will generally not see any change to their bill.  Customers that generally consume a lot of bandwidth will be billed for the extra usage.
Q.  What is the average use of bandwidth per month of a customer?
A.   In West Marin, the median usage is 4.5 GB/mo. and the average is 13 GB/mo.  The Average for the U.S. is 14Gb/mo.
Q.  What happens if I go over the Data Allotment?
A.  You will first be asked to move into a highter level of service or to consider purchasing additional data blocks.  If you continue to exceed the level you will be billed at one dollar per Megabyte over the package allotment.
Q.   How do I know what my usage is? 
A.   You can simply go to Control Panel.  Login with your username and password.  Click on the Internet Usage Report and enter the time period you are interested in and hit submit.
Q.   How fast should my connection be? 
A.   Speed on the internet is not an exact science.  There are many variables that can effect your speed. For example, If your computer is communicating to another computer across the country, that server(computer) can be overwelmed by many users thus delaying your response with it.  Your computer may have a virus or the internal CPU may be over taxed and everything on it seems slow.  The data lines that leave your community may be experiencing high traffic usage again slowing your response down. 
On average, you should be getting approximately the level of service you signed up for.
This speed test is a good test for you to determine your speed.  If you feel you are not recieving an adequate level, please check our support page.