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Horizon Set Top Boxes
DCT 6200
For use on all services above plus it allows reception of great HD Channels and a great new guide.
With Digital Cable from Horizon Cable, you can choose from hundreds of chanels, digital music, multi-channel Premiums, HD, and DVRs.
DCT 6416 and DCH 6416
Truly spectacular.  Complete with a High Definition Dual Tuner(HD DVR).  With the HD DVR, you can record one channel while watching another.  Pause and rewind live TV.  Set up favorite shows or series to record.  Nothing could be easier.
Not all Set-Top features are available on models.
TiVo service is required for the TiVo DVR to function and is sold seperately.  TiVo service and payment are subject to the terms and conditions available at 
TiVo service is accessed through a standard telephone line or broadband connection.  In some areas, local and long-distance toll charges may apply.
TiVo DVRs are Here! 
Never miss your favorite shows.  Pause live TV.  Fast forward mthrough the boring stuff.  Get more from your existing channel lineup.  Find and record shows by actor, director, sports team and keyword.
I-Guide User manual
User Manual
User Manual
Connection Guide to Analog TV
I-Guide User Manual
Operating Instructions for 4-Function Cable Remote Control
DCX 3200
All digital set top box. Sleeker -smaller footprint.
DCX 3400
Slightly larger than the DCX 3200, but packs an all digital Dual Tuner. Never miss your favorite shows. Pause, fast forward or rewind live TV.