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West Marin/Dillon Beach Outage Alert !
Dear West Marin Customers: 

Beginning March 25, 2020, The water company will begin work on their water tank in Inverness where we have equipment and antennas serving our West Marin system.  We will be required to power down our equipment and rerun cables that supply local off-air broadcast channels for our West Marin system, all video signals to the Dillon Beach community and all video & Internet to the Paradise Estates neighborhood along Drakes View Drive. 
All work will be done during regular work hours and we will make every effort to make outages as short as possible, but it may require several days to complete.  Additionally, we need to adhere to the North Marin Water construction schedule which could change.  To reiterate the impact of this project:
We understand how important video and Internet services are to our customers especially during this difficult time. We will do everything we can to minimize the disruptions and suggest tuning to national news channels, the radio and Internet for information updates during any outages.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.