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Stinson Beach Broadcast Channels.
Dear Stinson Beach Video Customers:

The reception you received of the NFC Championship game between the San Francisco Forty Niners and the Green Bay Packers was far below Horizon's technical standards and we greatly apologize for the poor quality. The technical problems stem from the work that many of the Bay Area broadcast stations are undergoing on Sutro Tower; where Horizon obtains its signals from. The FCC has mandated broadcasters to re-work their frequencies to free up spectrum for new 5G networks. The work requires these broadcasters to change antennas and signal strength. In doing so, they use lower power auxiliary antennas that have caused Horizon to receive a weaker signal which caused poor reception for the NFC game. The good news is the work they are doing on Sutro Tower is almost done and will be completed in March. The big hurtle is the upcoming Super Bowl game.

We have activated auxiliary broadcast channel feeds that can be used by customers in the event that reception drops below an acceptable level on the regular channels. For customers with Horizon's set top boxes, tune to channel 202 for the auxillary HD KTVU ( Fox) channel.

Customers that do not use digital converter boxes can reprogram their TVs and tune to 2-10 for the auxiliary HD KTVU (Fox) channel.

Below is a list of all channels on the auxiliary feed:

Digital Box

KVTU - 202
KRON - 204
KPIX - 205
KGO - 207
KNTV - 211

Cable Direct (no box)

KTVU - 2.10
KRON - 4.10
KPIX - 5.10
KGO - 7.10
KNTV - 11.10

Thank you for your understanding in these matters and we look forward to this work being completed.